Chris Alexander is a Canadian-based, internationally published writer, composer and filmmaker and has served as editor-in-chief of such notable film magazines as FANGORIA, GOREZONE and DELIRIUM. Prior to this, he was a critic and columnist for RUE MORGUE magazine. As a filmmaker he is the writer, director and composer of the award winning vampire film BLOOD FOR IRINA, its follow-up/sequel, QUEEN OF BLOOD and the erotic surrealist drama FEMALE WEREWOLF. Alexander has also composed original music for films like Joseph O’Brien’s THE DEVIL’S MILE, Chris Walsh’s stop motion horror film THE SHUTTERBUG MAN , featuring narration by film legend Barbara Steele (BLACK SUNDAY, CASTLE OF BLOOD, 8 1/2).

As a recording artist, his new album “Music for Murder” was released on the Giallo Disco on vinyl and digital in October 2015. Alexander’s live performances of his dark, electronic music are dramatic and visual…and very, very bloody.

He has written thousands of feature articles in various publications and periodicals and has interviewed virtually every horror legend at least twice.

He is currently the managing editor of www.ShockTillYouDrop.Com and is the co-founder and editor of DELIRIUM magazine.

Chris is available for speaking engagements, event appearances, media appearances and live bookings.